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Horacio Jr.® • ‘Reborn’.






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“I will always love you…GOD bless us all”.




Horacio Jr.®





The ultimate blend into

Pop, Dub-Step & Afro-Beat”.






Horacio Jr.®


The album ‘Reborn’ is now released Worldwide.


Horacio Junior is a talented singer, songwriter, and record producer from the UK who has been performing since the age of 7. At 14, he wrote his first pop songs, “So Right,” “Stick Around,” and “Stop Crossing My Way,” and recorded them at CPP Music in London. Horacio’s energetic performances won him various college competitions, and at 21, he attended Media Productions facilities in Brixton and The College of North East London for Diplomas in Sound Engineering and Music Production. It was during this time that he met his future manager, Fintan Farrel, who helped him negotiate major record deals with East West Records and Sony Associates.

Horacio established Majestic Productions, his private recording studio, and debuted his first album “Care 4 Me” in November 2006. His hit song, “Suzy,” was played on radio stations and nightclubs worldwide. Horacio then worked with renowned producers like David Brant of Vybrant Music and Grammy award-winning producer Ian Prince to create his new album, “Reborn.” The hit song, “Baby I Love U,” was a commercial success and aired on top radio stations like Capital Xtra. Horacio is also a member of the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) community. His new profile blends pop, dub-step, and Afro-beat genres, making him an artist who is “REBORN.”

I have been singing and dancing on stage from 7 years of age.

Horacio Jr.®